Food with friends made easy

TinyOwl is India's biggest food ordering app. In 2015, TinyOwl's Product department reached out to me to work on a new feature of theirs, allowing groups of friends to order their food more easily. 


TinyOwl's users provided them with the feedback that group ordering was a rather difficult and annoying process. Users would either have to pass one phone around, fill in their orders and find a way to split the cost afterwards.

Obviously, this wasn't an ideal scenario. Thus, we set out to dig into the problem, analyze the current interaction flow and see where improvements could be made. 


After going through various iterations on ways for users to access and use the new group order functionality, we were able to establish an optimized flow that minimizes the steps needed to succesfully place a group order.

To do so, we leveraged existing functionaly that would generate a code for users to share among their friend group, which would then bundle their orders in the back-end. Once all orders are in, the group creator can then proceed with placing the order. 


The new group order experience and interface allowed users to not only bundle orders from the same restaurant, but also place orders from separate restaurants in a specific area within the same bundle. The driver would then pick up the orders from the various restaurants and deliver them to the customer.

In addition to this, the group owner was able to select whether he'd be paying for all orders or whether each person within the group would pay separately. In case of the latter option, each user would get an individual notification prompting them to complete their payment.